Sunday, April 11, 2010

I went for a walk, on the way I burped out real loud since I thought the dark street was deserted, figures it was not, it was embarrassing.

What a title, huh??

So anyway, there was a man on the other side of the street walking along with me, whom I had missed!! The moment I let out that monstrous little sonofagun, I heard a rustle. I turned and voi-fuckin-lala!! A silhouette of a man! We both stopped and I was too embarrassed to do anything. That man was too embarrassed to do anything too and probably thought I would kill him. so I said, "ahem" and started walking, hoping like a small boy in a church priest's closet, that he would walk away in the opposite direction. Life, since it's a bitch, decided to act like one and thus set the man walking in the same freakin' direction! So, we shared an awkward walk till the end of the street where the man took a left and me, a right.

A BURP. A freakin' burp. I admit that was the loudest burp I have ever taken. So what if I got a little humiliated, huh? Don't give me that look, you girls!! In a small island off Philippines, the men compete against themselves for the fairest maiden in a game of burps! The loudest burper wins her hand.

I could have been married now!!

Of all the places my forefathers could have settled in... *grumble*

Well, that taught me a lesson. You know what the Japanese say about burping in public, right? It goes something like, "The dolphin always drinks from the blue cup"

Wow...the Japs, I tell you. Wise people. The above is a literal translation of course. The actual meaning goes something like this, " The dolphin does not like any other colored cup. Its always blue."


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  1. Seriously.. WOW!! To imagine, I could have gone through my WHOLE life thinking dolphins drank from red cups or green! Thank you O great palindrome! :)